The Ninja's vs The Dragons Round 1 of the CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH UP! - Ultimate Surrender


Welcome to Tag Team Tuesday. This is round 1 of 4 of the January match-up between The Ninja’s and the Dragons. This is the CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH of THE YEAR!. The Dragons and The Ninjas are healthy and eager to take the championship. These wrestlers have a huge history. Ariel X beat Vendetta for the season 7 Championship, and Wenona put Isis out for 2 years with a leg injury. The Last time these two teams met, the Ninjas came from behind in the last round to steal the victory in the last minutes by only 40pts. The Dragons want revenge. The Ninjas want the perfect undefeated season and the championship trophies. This will be the powerhouse match up of the year! Round One did not disappoint! Both teams, the elite of the elite battled it out in this first brutal round of the CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH. At the end of 12 minutes of hard fought non-scripted wrestling only 41pts separate these titans. Which team wants it more, who is going to rise up and be the hero?