Tori Lux gets her ass kicked by smaller girl! Made to submit to the tinier more aggressive girl! - Ultimate Surrender


Season Eight Match TORI LUXEThe PhoenixHT: 5’2WT: 130 lbsSeason record (1-2)Lifetime record (1-2) AIDEN ASHLEYThe TAZHT: 5’6WT: 105lbsSeason record (0-0)Lifetime record (0-0) Tori got her first win against the smallest wrestler in the history of US and was very happy to rub in in the loser’s face. With 3 matches under her belt, Tori should have the skill it takes to beat yet another smaller first time rookie. Sexy Aiden Ashely has the tiniest sexy ass and long thin legs. The first thing you really notice about Aiden is she really pays attention to what you teach her, she is smart and she listens. Tori was all excited to get yet another win against a smaller new wrestler, however Aiden had other plans. She wasn’t about to let the girl who was on her phone non stop texting between rounds get the best of her. Aiden listened, learned, and dominated the slower Tori. This sport takes dedication and effort and Aiden learned and retained more in one round then Tori has in 4 matches. It’s no wonder Tori was getting fucked like a loser in RD4.