Winter 'The Blizzard' Sky (0-0) vs Angelica 'The Empress' Sage (0-1) - Ultimate Surrender


Season Seven Match WINTER SKYThe BlizzardHT: 5’6WT: 120 lbsSeason record (0-0)Lifetime record (0-1) ANGELICA SAGEThe EmpressHT: 5’9WT: 135lbsSeason record (0-1)Lifetime record (0-1) Every year about this time the membership starts chirping about putting the girls with just one match up against an opponent they might be able to beat. Wouldn’t that be a great match! They will learn so much! Wrestler are not going to learn how to wrestle if they wrestle good opponents, they have to wrestle girls of their own experience The Membership has gotten its wish! Do not miss this weeks battle from hell, 24 minutes of pure unadulterated carnage on a biblical scale. Nothing in your short life has prepared you for the brutal devastation and complete annihilation that you will witness!!! YOU HAVE BEEN FORWARNED!!!!