Electrosluts Presents: The Doctor's Monster! - ELECTROSLUTS

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7397 - What happens when a scientist creates life, without regard to common sense or morality? You think you might know, but in this special Halloween Electrosluts feature Aiden Starr is the deranged scientist! She not looking to make life or even eternal life — she’s looking for the perfect sex slave. Though she’s attempted numerous experiments with electroshocks, she’s never been able to completely bring the dead back to life. Assisting Aiden in her blasphemous quest for the perfect electr-lesbian slut is Sovereign Syre, who does Aiden’s dirty work. Katherine Cane is the height of Aiden’s research. Aiden is finally able to blow life into death…but for her own, selfish quest of the perfect electro BDSM subservient. They discover that the repeated electrosex treatments builds Katherine into a sex monster!

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Download this from ELECTROSLUTS