Inter-Office Discipline - Kink Test Shoots

Channel: Kink Test Shoots

Jake Waters wants to get out of the office for Friday fun, but his boss BADKITTYYY wants his overdue reports and since he’s not prepared, she’s going to take it out on his ass. She starts by making Jake worship her feet, first with a massage but soon BADKITTYYY has him sucking her toes. BADKITTYYY then restrains Jake to his chair using office supplies, including duct tape. Now that he’s captive BADKITTYYY cuts his pants away revealing Jake is wearing a jock to work, so she gives him a little CBT as a reward. Next, the boss has Jake tied to her desk where, after some more foot worship, BADKITTYYY gives Jake the choice of being fucked in the ass or whipped. Jake chooses the fucking but it’s not long after BADKITTYYY spreads his cheeks and stuffs him with a glass dildo that she reveals his choice was only for what he gets first, and she proceeds to cane Jake and then moves on to the flogger. Finally, Jake is lying on BADKITTYYY’s desk where she strips off his jockstrap and strokes his already hard cock. Soon she smothers him with her tits and then her ass. BADKITTYYY climbs on top of Jake and stuffs his hard cock in her pussy after riding his face. The boss gets what she wants and cums on Jake’s cock, so BADKITTYYY rewards her “employee of the month” with his own orgasm.