Choke out tieZippered, caned, tormented w/brutal orgasms, pulled to toes & crotch roped! INTENSE! - HOGTIED

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5393 - As BDSM modeling goes Elise Graves is in the top 1% of great models. She is flexible, beyond tough, hard sexy body, huge nipples and has a genuine love of the subject matter. As a rigger and handler you could not ask for a better combination. Bound in a clever choke out tie, Elise find her self in a new and unique position. She is flexible enough that her hands tied behind her head like this creates a lock and with enough pull and pressure this tie can become a choke out. We, however like out models awake so we take her to the edge and play on that fine line. Pulled to her toes, we place pin after pin on her hard sexy body. We flog and cane her taunt body. She can handle the pain, that is her specialty. Zippers, cane, extreme pain thats what she craves. What she can not handle is orgasms. After the first one her clit gets so sensitive that any further stimulation drivers her fucking insane. Not that is interesting to us, so thats what we exploit. We can be cruel bastards sometimes..

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Download this from HOGTIED