March's live show: Part 1 of 3Tiny Emma is bound spread and 'warmed' up for what is to cum. - HOGTIED

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4755 - Live Show Mondays brings you part 1 of 3 of the March live show that featured tiny Emma Haize and sexy co-top Isis Love. Tiny Emma Haize is back on Hogtied and she is taking on the hardest hour of bondage on the internet, The Hogtied Live show. This is where we take the toughest of the tough and tie them up in four unique positions in one hour’s time. No breaks, no time to rest, all tying on screen and nothing edited out. This is something you will not find anywhere else in the world. We start by attempting a Category 5 suspension, and learn that Emma doesn’t really bend that way. So we change it up and get Emma’s petite, nubile body spread out nice and tight. We abuse her delicate skin with the flogger, turning almost every inch of her a beautiful pink color as the flogger does its damage to our helpless victim. We then make Emma cum, and we make her cum hard, 15 minutes is up and it’s time to change her position. Emma is already exhausted and she still has 3 more positions to handle. This is a good start….

Download this video from HOGTIED
Download this from HOGTIED