Valentine's day Leg Scissor Massacre. Loser Boyfriend gets squeezed - Kink Test Shoots

Channel: Kink Test Shoots

All Tony wants to do is watch his game which would be fine except the big game happens to be on Valentines day and his woman, Penny Barber, expects to be wined and dined.Imagine Penny’s disappointment when she comes out, all dolled up, only to find her loser boyfriend had forgotten all about Valentines day. Penny is fed up and challenges her man to a fight. Tony, thinking it’s ridiculous to fight a girl lets Penny off with a warning. Penny is relentless though and she attacks her scrawny boyfriend and over powers him with her legs. She squeezes him over and over. He has never felt that kind of power before and it takes his breath away. Penny is intent on having her version of a romantic night with her boyfriend. She strips his clothes off of him and has her way with him by fucking his throat, ass and soul!