Bombproof Bottoming: Suspension from Sub's Side - with Tifereth and Cannon - KINK UNIVERSITY

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9754 - So you want to fly? Awesome! Tifereth teaches the essentials of being a dynamic suspension rope bottom. With Cannon as her demo rigger, Tifereth discusses strength training and preparing you body for suspension, safety issues, and choosing your rigger wisely. This tutorial offers fundamental safety training for anyone bottoming in a dynamic rope suspension. First, you’ll learn the core concepts of conditioning, stretching, strength-building, and then hits the ropes to show you how to perform active and passive movements in rope, and ways to explore the different ways to BE dynamic in rope. Discover new ways to think about how bottoms’ bodies relate to both the rope and their rigger. This all-level tutorial is taught from the bottom’s perspective, but Tops are strongly encouraged to watch as well. This tutorial’s photos include a set of images with step-by-step captions!

Download this video from KINK UNIVERSITY
Download this from KINK UNIVERSITY