Homewrecking Wedding Planner - Tiffany Watson - Mean Bitch

Channel: Mean Bitch

Tiffany the wedding planner loves ruining marriages. She loves the power rush of seducing another woman’s man and turning him into her slave. When Glenn’s fiancee has to miss their wedding planning appointment, Tiffany sees her chance to get what she wants…she degrades and insults Glenn’s fiancee while using her seductive charms on him… she tells him she knows he’s submissive and how much it turns him on to be used by a dominant Goddess like her… he knows he shouldn’t betray his fiancee but he can’t resist Tiffany’s power… he soon finds himself on his knees licking her ass and feet. Then when she tells him to sit down so she can RIDE HIS COCK, he knows he has lost all willpower. Tiffany can’t be denied… she’s a HOMEWRECKING WEDDING PLANNER! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FEMDOM SEX, AND MORE!