The Life Ruiner 3 - Mean Bitch

Channel: Mean Bitch

Jack is the luckiest slave in the world because he has the privilege of being Goddess Richelle Ryan’s ATM and bill pay slave. She walks into her dungeon and throws a pile of bills at him to pay. He is eager to please her but mentions that some of his money goes to his wife. Goddess Richelle asks “Since when have you heard of any ATM Machine that has a wife or family?”. Jack lowers his head in shame as he realizes what he has to do… Goddess Richelle smiles as she tells Jack to get rid of his family, knowing that he will do it. He loves her and will do anything for her, even if it means ruining his life. She goes through all the contacts on his phone and deletes them as she tells him there’s no need for any of these people anymore. Jack understands that he doesn’t need friends to be a good bill-pay slave for Goddess. The entire time, she deepens his addiction by WIPING HER HUGE ASS ON HIS FACE, making him worship her feet, and smothering his face in her ass! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE… RICHELLE RYAN IS ONE OF THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!