The Training of Lorelei Lee, Day Four - The Training Of O

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362 - Training Report, Final Day Goals Summary Pain Tolerance: Trainee displays an awesome array of masochistic talents. She seems to really get off on the pain. Protocol: Displays a disciplined and direct adaptation to the rules. Sensory Deprivation: Initially this was a very difficult prospect for her, and we nearly aborted this thread but she decided to stick with it and successfully complete a difficult underground scene today. Review: She is ordered to complete more manual labor. She is ravaged and beaten with filthy hands, leaving her tits and face smeared with mud. When ordered into the coffin, there is a fearful hesitation, but she finally complies and the lid is screwed down. The coffin is laid out in several inches of water and the dirt begins to pile onto the wooden box. The sounds of fear and accomplishment filter through the breathing tube. She is raised and crucified. The sounds of her orgasms fill the echoing room as she is grilled on what she learned this week. She is finally released from training with a deeper understanding of what goes on inside her own head during S& M scenes.

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Download this from The Training Of O