ROUND TWO: The Dragons (2-0) vs Team Ice (1-1) - Ultimate Surrender

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3671 - Welcome to Tag Team Tuesdays. This is round 2 of 4 of the live July match up between The Dragons and Team Ice. Only 24pts separated these two teams at the beginning of the round, however the Dragon has been unleashed! Dragonlily almost single handedly destroyed Team Ice. She was a machine. Mellanie could do nothing but moan on the mat as Dragon got her fingers in her during a figure four headlock. Even last year’s Champion Ariel X had problems with the Dragon. The Dragons are now comfortably in the lead going into the final round of wrestling, what will Team Ice’s strategy be to over come this deficit? They have to do something or our former US champion Ariel X is going to fuck on the mat in front of a live crowd, how humiliating..

Download this video from Ultimate Surrender
Download this from Ultimate Surrender