Season 10's First Tag Team Match: Team Dragon vs. Team Nightmare RND 1 - ULTIMATE SURRENDER

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7953 - Its the First match for the tag team season.Team DragonSerena Blair (wrestler)Penny Barber (wrestler)Dragon Lily ( coach) Team NightmareBella Wilde(wrestler)Syd Blakovich (coach and Wrestler) Syd must not have been too happy about getting fucked in the Super Mega Awesome Battle Dream Supreme match up even after she won her individual match up against Dragon. She’s decided she can’t let her team’s losing put her butthole in constant jeapordy. She’s decided to put fate into her own hands and she’s wrestling for her team for the first ever tag match up.Dragon is very proud and confident in her team. She is letting them do the work in this match and she’s sitting out on the side lines like the awesome coach she is. She’s confident her coaching skills will get the team the victory.Winners of each tag match get to fuck the losers but at the end of the season it doesn’t matter if you won your tag match. At the end of the season, after all the points are added up, if you lose you’re getting fucked in the end. Team mates will be hating each other if they get fucked because their teammates screw dont work hard enough in their matches. If you slack you get the plastic dildo nut sac!

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Download this from ULTIMATE SURRENDER