SUMMER VENGEANCE ROUND 1 ACTION Ranked 11TH VS 12TH - Ultimate Surrender

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3308 - Welcome to the the first round of the 2010 Summer Vengeance Tournament! The top 16 wrestlers battle it out in single elimination! MELLANIEThe CowgirlHT: 5’9WT: 150lbsSeason record (2-3)Ranked 11th TARA LYNNThe ShortstopHT: 5’7WT: 145lbsSeason record (0-3)Ranked 12th Mellanie “The Cowgirl” Monroe is in her rookie year. This sexy girl from Texas loves to grapple with the girls. Her cheerful attitude and never give up spirit is what Ultimate Surrender is all about. We also love her sexy booming body! Tara Lynn “The Shortstop” Fox is the youngest girl on the roster. She just turned 20. This little ball of energy and cuteness has a style and determination about her. She hates losing and she will fight you till the final whistle no mater how bad she is losing. Ultimate Surrender could do with more attitude like Tara’s! This is single elimination wrestling at its best. The loser gets fucked and goes home. If you lose, your season is over! This was a hard fought match, back and forth. One girl had the size and weight advantage and used it to good effect. This is what Ultimate Surrender is all about! Non-scripted, brutal, real wrestling!

Download this video from Ultimate Surrender
Download this from Ultimate Surrender