TAG TEAM DEBUT The Nightmare & Vendetta vs The Gymnast & Spartica - ULTIMATE SURRENDER

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144 - Ultimate Surrender 2.0 is here with the inclusion of TAG TEAM matches every month. Now updating 5 times a month, you will get all the action of the single league, plus the a newly forming Tag Team league.This is the most intense wrestling on the net you will ever see. Tag team is a brutal sexy sport. Watch as the stronger team gets submissions, and their fingers into the weaker opponents pussy, while she is helpless in a hold, but best of all watch as the winners fuck the shit out of the losers hard and brutal 2 on 1. If you lose at Ultimate surrender you pay a price.. If you haven’t joined the most popular wrestling site on the net, now is the time. Totally non scripted, high energy true sexual wrestling at its best and finest.

Download this video from ULTIMATE SURRENDER
Download this from ULTIMATE SURRENDER