Bully in the Gym 5 - Mean Bitch

Channel: Mean Bitch

Ariana Starr is six feet tall and POWERFUL. She hates weak men… they disgust her. When she sees little wimpy fluffy exercising in the Mean Bitch Gym, she decides to put him in his place. She bosses him around and bullies him from one side of the gym to the other. She orders him to kiss her foot and then giggles when he does it. Then she calls him a loser and tells him to lick the bottom of her feet. Her feet are SIZE 11!! They are bigger than Fluffy’s little wimp face. After some passionate foot worship, she peels down her sweaty shorts and puts her BIG ASS in his face… she tells him to do some situps, and each time he comes up he has to plant his face in her sweaty ass…