THE NINJA's vs TEAM ICE Final round of the 2010 Tag Team League Premiere! - Ultimate Surrender

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2920 - Welcome to Tag Team Tuesday and the first match of the 2010 Tag Team League. This is round 4 of 4 of the February match-up between The Ninjas and Team Ice. The match is over and Team Ice lost by only 15 points! Team Ice gained control but watched the time melt away as they could not score the points fast enough. Just 8 more seconds and the outcome would have been different, that is how competitive this match was. However, the rules are the rules and now the losers are getting fucked by the victors. Not just fucked, but fucked in front of our live audience. Humiliated and used in front of the people that just saw them lose, Ariel X and Mellanie Monroe get fucked and fucked good!

Download this video from Ultimate Surrender
Download this from Ultimate Surrender